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  • Who can join Camberwell Showtime?
    You need to: Be a registered member of Girl Guides or Scouting and an active member in your current Unit. Agree to continue with active participation in your unit in addition to being in Showtime.
  • When do applications close?
    Cast applications have now closed for 2024, other areas of the show can register via the APPLY button above
  • How old do I have to be?
    Cast members need to be aged between 11 and 26 on opening night (August 9 2024). Technical Team members need to be aged 15 or over on opening night (August 9 2024). Spot Patrol (see below) are Cubs/Scouts or Girl Guides aged 9 and older as at opening night (August 9 2024).
  • How do I join?
    Go to the APPLY button above
  • Where does Showtime happen?
    Rehearsals are held at Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College and performances are held at The Round theatre in Nunawading.
  • How much time does Cast involve?
    See the calendar at
  • What’s it like in Cast? Is it like a school play?
    We asked our Cast what they like about Showtime. They said: “The people. They are so nice, so friendly, I have so many new friends. Showtime is so welcoming.” “You learn stuff. Not just singing, dancing, acting. I’m better organised now. I don’t get stressed when things go wrong. That’s just life.” “The things you learn help at school, in life, even in your career.” “It’s so not like school. Young people write the show, direct the show, make the show. We lead the show, even make the rules.” “Our rehearsals are fun. We also play games.” “The show is the best fun ever, the best two weeks of the year.”
  • How much does it cost?
    Cast For cast the cost is $260 which includes light meals at Sunday rehearsals, dinners at the Saturday rehearsals, dinner between the performances and the recovery lunch, plus rehearsal and printing costs and 2 adult entry tickets for the Fundraising Trivia Night For a second child in the family, the cost is $160 for cast For Over 18 members of cast, the cost is $160 which excludes the Trivia Night ticket cost Technical and other areas No cost to join
  • What’s the audition and will I get selected for the cast?
    If you sign up, you're in! Congratulations. Everyone is accepted into our cast. The audition is just a chance for us to get to know you, and for you to get to know us! Be prepared for friendly people. On the day, we'll act out a sketch, dance some steps and sing a song. We know it might be scary, and we aim to make it as fun as possible.
  • How can I join the Band?
    Band applications have now closed for 2024
  • What can I do in the Technical Team?
    If you’re aged 15 and over at opening night (August 9 2024), you can join the Tech Team Learn about the technical aspects of theatre through Showtime‘s training program with industry specialists - develop skills in audio, lighting, vision and more There’s also opportunities to be a part of makeup, props, costumes and scenery design and construction.
  • What is Spot Patrol?
    All our Patrols are named after characters from Shakespeare. Spot Patrol is a team of Cubs, Scouts, and Girl Guides, who aren’t ready for Cast but would like to be involved in the show. Minimum age is 9 years on opening night (August 9 2024). Spot Patrol get to attend part of a rehearsal to meet the team and learn about the show, then watch some of the rehearsal. They attend a few performances at the theatre and do important jobs like selling programs and souvenirs, before the show and at interval. They can do a tour back stage while the show is live.
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